Hand Crafted in Daphne, Alabama


My order arrived today and I have to say it was well worth the wait. This is the best Kydex holster I’ve owned. Fit and finish on both holster and mag carrier is excellent. You do fantastic work. Thanks much.

– D.B.

I got the holster today. Ridiculously impressed with the product. Very well put together, very well finished, I really do dig it. The sweat shield is PERFECT. I’m very pleased.

– I.G.

Thank you for your craftsmanship. This is a great piece of work. You are definitely a perfectionist. It is too bad that I had to go through five holsters from other manufacturers before I found the ultimate holster the Offside by Alabama Holster Company.

– J.D.

Hail Alabama! Six months ago I ordered a pocket holster for my G26 with CT LG-436 laser attached. Your holster is a perfect fit. The molding gives just the right retention yet is has an easy reliable release on the draw. The molding is also perfect for the contour in a pocket and it just melts away. Fit and finsih is first class. As you know, it is hard to find a custom fitted holster in any style for many pistols when a laser is attached. You offer multiple fine products for the Glock and Crimson Trace lasers. I recommend your products to anyone. I have just ordered an Offside from you for the same gun/laser.

– W.S.

Just received my new “360” holster for my Kimber Ultra Carry. Fits like a glove. I love it!!!!!

– H.P.

At last the search appears to be over! The “360” was the solution as you’d thought. Another satsified customer

– P.J.

Just returned home after attending an intense training program at the new Glock Professional Center in Smyrna, Georgia. The only holster I used was the one you made me for my G21. It operated flawlessly even after countless speed draws and reholstering not to mention over 800 rounds fired. Thanks again.

– D.S., Firearms Instructor

I’ve been wearing my new “Hooker” holster and mag pouch now for 3 1/2 days now and can’t tell I’ve even got it on!! This holster replaces a literal dresser drawer full of holsters that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve found a new bin for them all…The Trash!! Your products really do “just plain work”!!!

– E.S.

I learned of the Alabama Holster company here on Glock Talk. I already posted taht I liked the Hooker model, but here is an update. I just got back from a short family vacation. I drove a littl over 8 hours each way and spent several days hiking. My G23 rode in the holster the entire time. It was extremely comfortable. When I was hiking, I was sweating like crazy, but my wweapon was dry as a bone. One of the things I love about this foreum is learning about all the accessories out there. This was the best $50 I ever spent!

– TMW – review from Glock Talk

I just wanted to thank you for my recent holster order. I received it yesterday, and want to commend you on a fine product. The fit is perfect, and your product is great. I now carry my Ruger LCP with confidence.

– C.P.

Wow, I received my pocket holster and pocket mag holder for my Ruger LCP today. It is perfect! It is light, thin and permits excellent purchase on the grip while drawing the pistol from denim shorts or Docker pants. The holster stays in place in the pocket, every time. I’m more than pleased. I had been using a soft nylon holster that had previoulsy worked just fine for a .38 snubby. Unfortunately with the little LCP it was nearly impossible to draw the pistol without bringing the holster with it and never getting a good grip on the gun. Congratulations for producing an excellent and affordable product! By the way, I’ve been a Law Enforcement professional for 40 years and have purchased dozens, make that many dozens of holsters. I pride myself in always having the very best equipment and I am happy to include you in that category.

– G.C.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my package. All the magazine pouches fit perfectly and the custom pouch for the flex cuffs was exactly what I wanted! Thanks again.

– C.B.

Just wanted to let you know that I receive my order and I am very pleased with my holster. I use it in my front pants pocket and it is very easy to forget that you are carrying. I like the way that when you are sitting it is molded to the shape of your leg and it is very comfortable. Thanks again.

– D.Y.

Got my pocket holster on Saturday-great product once again! I felt comfortable carrying it all weekend and I am confident in its concealment. It’s convenient too. Easy to stuff in the pocket, stays where it belongs and pops right out with that little thumb assist tab. Much faster presentation than any other holster I own. It will probably become my go to rig unless I need to go IWB. Even my wife didn’t realize I was carrying yesterday-she knows I usually am and she is the one who opened the box on Saturday and sat next to me when I was checking it out. Thanks again.

– C.C.

Received my holster Saturday. It is beyond a doubt the best pocket holster around for cargo shorts/pants. The gun does not move around inside the pocket and the thumb tab literally launches the gun into the palm of your hand for a clean, fast draw. Your design and workmanship are superb. Thanks.

– J.J.

Got my holsters today!! Wow!! I love them!! Thanks for your time in getting them out so quick!!

– B.G.

I’ve been wearing my full size M&P all day in my new “360” holster. This is a great holster. Very comfortable. I have other IWB holster but your “360” is the best. Keep up the good work. I will order again.

– B.R.

Thanks again for everything. The holster is great and I am now a believer in your holsters. I have tried several holsters prior to your “360” and concealment with a t shirt was not possible. Thanks again.

– D.B.

Received my holster for my Ruger SR9C. In this day and age I am always pleasantly surprised when I received the kind of attention and service that you provided. My sincere thanks and I will be placing more orders for holsters to fit a few more of my carry weapons.

– C.T.

I love my Offside that you made for my PM9. I wear it all day and don’t even notice it. It is superb and I will come to you first when holstering other guns.

– D.C.